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So, you decided to acquire...

... a working line dog.  Well, thank you for considering us for your additon to the family.    However, have you realy thought about the responsibilities that come with owning a German Shepherd and/or German Rottweiler dog?  Any dog for that matter, but especially large breed dogs?  They not only require food, water, shelter, and a stroll around the block.  They require your full attention, tons of affection, and high amounts of physical and mental stimulation.  If they don't receive either of those on a daily basis, you are working on a recipe for disaster.      Think wisely before you acquire either one of our breeds, or any large breed dog for that matter.  We want for you to choose the right companion for you; however, more importantly to us, we want our to go to the "forever" home.  The owners who will give them the care and love they require and deserve.  We breed to better the breed, not to support egos. 


van Hendrix   K-9 simple: To breed and raise well balanced and well socialized dogs. 

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Our Guarantee

We provide dysplasia warranties and life time support on any dogs acquired from us, as well as dogs trained by us.

 European breeders of German Sheperd and German Rottweiler dogs

Trainers and behavior modification coaches